2021 WeavEast Seed Grants

to support prototyping social change

We have $50,000 which we hope to distribute in a number of $5000 and $7500 grants to change makers across Atlantic Canada. These small funds can support ongoing work or new projects by organizations or individuals.

We hope these grants can help boost work on the three objectives of the WeavEast network:

We recognize that you can’t overhaul systems with such small amounts. However, we know that there are a number of change-making organizations and initiatives we haven’t yet connected with. These amounts, offered with very few obligations, may enable us to build out new connections. Further, we know that sometimes an idea just needs a small scale implementation to prove itself. We hope these grants can help with proving ideas are worth a larger scale pilot experience. Finally, by bringing together the project / work organizers monthly for support and to share learnings, we hope to ignite new creative collisions, forge or strengthen relationships and support capacity growth in systems change.

By dropping pebbles, we hope to create a series of ripples that will become a tide.



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WeavEast is a regional platform for connecting and serving people and organizations who are making positive social change in Atlantic Canada.