Morning Bubble!

by Kehisha Wilmot, Wabanaki Two Spirit Alliance

Sometimes you need a special kind of wakeup call, to help push through the dread of a Monday morning. On your walk to work, as the sun rises into the sky. A bubble drifts past your nose.

I enjoy mornings. As a part of this, I often applied to work a morning shift so I would have my late afternoons and evenings to myself. As a part of taking the bus in each morning I noticed the sad, angry, and upset faces around me. I was wondering what I could do to help. This led to a little social “experiment”. Could bubbles help add a little joy to a morning routine?

With my bubble wand in hand, I headed out a little easier in the morning to the terminal. I started with a set of small bubbles. Like the little ones you can get at the dollar store. Then, leading into my large bubble wand, blowing bubbles the size of toddlers.

I am happy to report my findings were a set of smiles, laughs, and a few individuals trying to pop the bubbles without being noticed. The pocket wand seemed to have gotten the best response from those who walked by. For it gave off the most bubbles, leaving lots of room for people to engage and enjoy.

Disclaimer: This story is in reference to activities I was doing before the pandemic. For a Covid-friendly version of this, may I suggest an electronic bubble maker?


Kehisha Wilmot (they/them) is the Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island Community Engagement Coordinator for the Wabanaki Two Spirit Alliance.



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