AR and Climate Action

The Northshore Micmac District Council’s mission is to provide “Service Delivery, Technical Support and Building Capacity in Water & Waste Management, Housing & Infrastructure, Post-secondary Education, Training & Employment, Community Development, Financial and Technical Services and Child & Family services.”

The NSMDC is a current WeavEast seed grant recipient for a community-based solar project pilot. The project liaison, Kevin J. Gallant, has shared a few updates on how the project is progressing, including this video:

This was presented to the Miramichi Youth In Action Day, November 2021. Gallant led a discussion with these questions: “What are a couple of things that young people could do right now — a technology-driven initiative? Is it a change in lifestyle thing? Is it a group thing or an individual thing? Is it volunteerism or advocacy? Where could they put their time and energy in order to see results?”

He has since shared, “I have four NBCC students working on a Marketing Campaign in the next three weeks. I plan on having two NBCC Gaming students building capacity on VT LIVE in the new year 2022. This will help launch youth community strategies from clean energy projects to the wellness of trail projects. The Miramichi just approved a $1 million spine for a wellness trail so plans are to educate the Learning trails and habitat adaptation of healthy living alone these experiences.”

Besides this, Gallant is exploring the linkages between the idea of transformative placemaking, regenerative tourism and climate change strategy, building off this blog post by the Trail Research Hub.

One of the technologies the group is using to share their social innovation and climate change learnings is the Facebook (Meta) augmented reality tool, Spark. Check out this trial run of the augmented reality, created to ‘spark’ the imaginations of the youth Gallant is presenting to.



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