Planned Parenthood Newfoundland and Labrador Sexual Health Centre

Contributed by Karen Berglander

The number of trans patients seeking services has doubled since 2019.

The increase in trans patients seeking out services is exciting given a recent study by Trans PULSE Canada found that only 35% of trans patients have fully accessed gender-affirming care, while another 41% remain on waitlists. The province covers most of the costs for certain affirming…

by Kehisha Wilmot

Photo provided by Kehisha Wilmot

Communication is at the baseline of all connections. Though, not all forms of communication are as easy to notice as others, for they cover a wide range of languages: Stretching through all forms of movement. Holding space in an ocean of symbols, along with a collection of…

by Julie Smith, Elementary Literacy

In a pandemic, even plans that seem conservative and doable can go unexpectedly topsy-turvy; and that has been how Fall 2021 has gone. Our plan seemed simple enough — recruit a few families where the parents have low literacy for an in-person program where we…

by Kehisha Wilmot, Wabanaki Two Spirit Alliance

Sometimes you need a special kind of wakeup call, to help push through the dread of a Monday morning. On your walk to work, as the sun rises into the sky. A bubble drifts past your nose.

I enjoy mornings. As a part…

By Nina Elliott, aka The Rock Vandal

Nina Elliott takes a photo of herself in a distorted mirror surrounded by colourful crocheted flowers hung on an outside wall.
Nina Elliott takes a photo of herself in the Twillingate NL-installed mirror.

I like to listen to podcasts about mindset and one thing they all espouse is starting your morning right. Ideally you wake up, sip tea, set your intentions for the day, stretch and journal. My mornings never start like this though. It’s almost…

By Susan Szpakowski

Stocksnap on Pixabay


I take up the invitation to share my reflections with some hesitation. Jennifer and Annika were in the thick of WeavEast and have already articulated their nuanced and brave insights about the gap between the original vision and what played out over time. After helping shape…

A WeavEast Reflection

By Charlene Boyce, Inspiring Communities

In October of 2020, in the seventh month of the pandemic, I was hired by Inspiring Communities to serve as a content curator, working primarily at the outset on a new education platform, Wayside. Oh, and also WeavEast.

“What is WeavEast?” I asked at the…

Goal is to weave connections among organizations that might spark further creative collaborations

Inspiring Communities is pleased to share the nine social innovation projects that have successfully received WeavEast Seed Grants.

9 Inspiring Social Innovation Projects Funded across Atlantic Canada!

“We were appreciative of the response, and the quality of work that is happening around this region,” said Louise Adongo, Inspiring Communities’ Executive Director. “We had a total pool of $50,000 to…


WeavEast is a regional platform for connecting and serving people and organizations who are making positive social change in Atlantic Canada.

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